The Emberiza Fund was created in 2007 to develop small-scale projects in conservation and help those who work in them. We try to aim our efforts to species and habitats that escape the media’s attention and are often out of the scope of larger conservation organizations.

Alone or with other organizations, Emberiza carries several conservation and study projects in Spain, and has developed a program with the Uganda Birdguides Club in Africa, training and equipping young birdwatching guides. Click here to read about the different projects.


“Emberiza” is the scientific name of the genus that includes the Buntings, small passerine birds widely distributed through Europe, Africa and Asia. Without being spectacular, their plumages often reveal quite beautiful patterns and colours to the attentive observer. Practically anywhere in the Old World, a birdwatcher will find at least one species of Bunting.

The one in our logo is the Golden-breasted Bunting (Emberiza flaviventris). We chose it due to its wide distribution in Africa, the continent where our first project takes place.

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